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About Dick

     Dick Johnson began his investigative career in 1973 as a rookie in the Pennsylvania State Police. After being a road Trooper for ten years, he broke into the Criminal Investigation Division. After six years of investigating everything from smashed mailboxes to homicide, Dick was promoted to Corporal and was transferred to the Bureau of Professional Responsibility where he worked as an investigator for the Internal Affairs Division four years. In 1993 he transferred to the State’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation as a supervisor in the Organized Crime Division.



     Shortly after his retirement in 1998, Dick obtained his Private Investigators License in Lancaster County and started Johnson Investigations. Dick is the leading investigator in Lancaster county and has has been involved in many investigations throughout multiple states.



     Dick's vast experience includes internal and external theft and fraud cases for both large and small companies, for insurance companies, for private citizens, locating missing persons and his investigations have even lead to finding children in third world countries. Dick has experience with a vast amount of resources and has conducted security audits for large corporations, planted hidden surveillance cameras and conducted covert video surveillance.

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